Quantify the human factor

In order to evaluate new hires for high stakes jobs in aviation like flight crew, air traffic controllers or dispatchers, operators need predictive psychometric methods.

MOLLYMAWK psychometrics offers a state-of-the-art test battery for both experienced as well as unexperienced agents in human-machine environments that are dynamic and fast-paced. Our tools not only adhere to formal requirements but add convenience for the operator and preparation options for the candidates.

Scientific Approach

Your benefits from MOLLYMAWK psychometrics

Test preparation

with original test material increases acceptance and secures validity.


All formal quality criteria for professional psychometric tools are met: objectivity, reliability, validity.


Test takers possess their own results, make them available to flight operators of their choice.


Developed by a certified Aviation Psychologist (EAAP) with decades of experience.

About MOLLYMAWK psychometrics

Our psychometric tools combine objectivity, reliability, and validity with flexibility and convenience for organisations. Still only few psychometric service providers take seriously into account the fact that test preparation has a significant effect on raw scores. Ignoring this impairs the quality of a recruitment process due to an increased number of both false positive and false negative decisions. Integrating a systematic preparation concept secures not only fairness and acceptance among test takers it contributes to a more efficient assessment procedure.

Since the launch of MOLLYMAWK psychometrics in 2009 we have issued roughly 7.000 certificates.

The founder

Melina Rauch, born 1970, has a strong background in Aviation Psychology.

After her Diploma in Psychology (focus on diagnostics and methodology) at the Philipps Universit├Ąt Marburg, she worked for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as early as 1995, and from 2000 to 2009 as an Aviation Psychologist. In this period she earned her PPL as well as her accreditation from the European Association for Aviaton Psychology (EAAP).

She has developed, applied and analysed psychometric methods for the assessment of ab initio candidates as well as experienced pilots. Her work at DLR has lead her to support various flight operators, fixed wing as well as rotary wing, in Europe, Turkey and various countries of the Middle East.

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