Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You need two elements:


  2. an EXAM SLOT

The TEST PACKAGE does not include an EXAM SLOT.

An EXAM SLOT does not include a TEST PACKAGE.

You cannot attend an exam without a test package because that test package not only includes preparation material, it also provides the exam tests. In other words, your test package includes one right to take an exam. Even if you decide to enter an exam without any preparation at all (which we strongly advise against) you have no technical possibility to take the exam without a test package. If you want to take a second exam, you need a fresh test package.

Often airline operators offer both, test package and exam slot for their candidates, but not necessarily. Sometimes they offer only the test package, sometime only the exam slot.

The certificate is created at the end of the exam. The organisation that provided the test package has automatic access to it. Additionally, you can share your results with other airlines or organisations of your choice.

There is no freely accessible registration page. You can only register if you receive a system-generated invite to do so. The invite mail includes a link, valid 48 hours, which will lead you to a registration page.
You can receive such an invite mail either when an organisation decides to sponsor your test package. Or if you purchase a test package independent from any organisation.

Yes you can.

If you already have a test taker account we will equip your account with a new test package within two working days after your purchase.

If you do not yet have an account, you have the opportunity to specify precisely your full name, date of birth and emailaddress during the payment process. We will send an invite to create an account within two working days. Once you have created this account please expect again up to two working days for the approval of this new account. This is necessary to enforce our retest policy. The test package will be automatically provided with the approval. This means, it might take a total of up to four working days before you can actually start using your test package. We aim at shortening both waiting periods as much as possible.

Click here to make a purchase.


SkyAviation is the first public exam center in Turkiye. That means, independent from an airline, this exam center offers exam slots to test takers who possess a test package. Contact them directly via their communication channels published on this website:

We are looking for further organisations in Ankara and Izmir who have the infrastructure and the staff to operate as independent MOLLYMAWK exam centers.

We are starting to experiment with simpleshow. It is work-in-progress but, maybe, you already find this 3 minute video helpful?

Every exam requires its own test package. You can do only one exam per test package. In other words, for a retest you need a fresh test package.


Exam preparation

Some of the airlines who accept MOLLYMAWK psychometrics certificates operate exam centers. Usually these airlines offer exam slots only to test takers who qualify as their candidates.

SkyAviation (Istanbul) is the first public exam center. That means, independent from any airline, this exam center offers exam slots to any test takers with a test package. Contact them directly via their communication channels published on this website:

We are looking for further organisations who have a suitable infrastructure and the staff to operate as independent MOLLYMAWK exam centers.

A test package includes a limited number of training runs for each test, 20 training runs per aptitude test, and 2 training runs per skills test. Furthermore, a testpackage includes access to one exam run per test.

Since user behaviour and system characteristics (e.g. internet stability) are beyond our control we do not guarantee maximum utilization of training runs and we do not reset invalid training runs.

A test package does not include an exam slot at a test center. We strongly advise to purchase a test package only if you are able to get an exam slot in a test center. Some airlines provide exam slots to their own candidates. Public test centers sell exam slots either as an isolated service or in combination with a test package.

You can spread your training and exam runs over 12 months from the moment of package delivery. Once you start an exam you lose access to the training runs - consumed as well as un-consumed ones. Once a test package is expired you cannot use any remaining training or exam runs.

We strongly recommend to do at least 1 run in each skills test and 12 runs in each aptitude test. This should familiarize you thoroughly with the required answer formats and working principles. And, for the aptitude tests, it should make sure you reach your individual maximum performance level. Further training in these specific tests will most probably not yield any significant training effect, but it is of course useful to refresh or keep up your test specific skill-level.

Do not use a tablet or smart phone! A Windows PC or Mac is suitable, minimum screen size 15 inch.

You need speakers or a headset and a mouse. A laptop's touchpad is not suitable and should be disabled.

We strongly recommend a standard keyboard with a designated numeric keypad. A laptop keyboard is usually not ideal because those rarely have a designated numeric keypad, unless the laptop is rather large. A laptop can often easily be equipped with an external standard keyboard at very low costs! (When going to a test centre to take the exam, please carefully check the keyboard that they have there. The layout may slightly vary!)

For all input-output devices: always prefer wired ones over bluethooth to avoid latency effects

Use Windows or Apple as operating systems.

Chrome or Edge are the two browsers that support this system best.

In your own interest, work on a single browser tab. Close all other browser tabs, close all other applications, schedule updates to a time when you don't prepare.

If a run is terminated prematurely by any means or if it is interrupted (sometimes unnoticed) by network problems the result doesn't get transmitted to our server. Also, unorthodox user input can lead to a premature termination. That is when we have to mark a run as 'invalid'.

We do not reset invalid training runs.

Firstly, your certificate will not include a pass/fail decision. We measure, then airlines or flight schools apply their company-specific bench marks to that measurement. It is those companies, not us, who take a decisions.

Secondly, even if we were aware of specific pass marks that certain companies apply, we would not communicate them. Setting, adapting, and communicating those marks is the company's responsibility, and we do not consider ourselves to be authorized to reveal this information.

Thirdly, you should aim at your best possible result, even if that is higher than what is required by the company you are applying at. If your best possible result meets their bench marks - great! If not - you tried as hard as you could, you gave your best. Don't aim at just passing. Aim at your highest performance level possible.

One of the advantages of not including a pass/fail decision for Airline A is that you don't have to go to another test when you apply to Airlines B, C, and D - they can apply their own specific bench marks to the same certificate!

Your training scores are stored securely in our data base and not provided to anybody but you alone.

However, please be aware that the company that has provided your test package (sold or sponsored) can see

  • how many training runs you have used,

  • when you have started your first activity (can be a training run or just an exercise as part of a test instruction), and

  • when you have started the latest activity.

That's all. They do not see any of your raw scores. Depending on their policies they might remind you to use at least the minimum number of training runs recommended before they accept you to participate in an exam. This makes sense because doing an exam with less than minimum preparation will pose a huge risk for an unrealistically poor result.

Your training scores will have zero effect on the results printed on your certificate. Those are based only on your scores during the supervised exam run in a test center.

Yes you can.
The number of test packages is not limited. Only the number of exams is limited to 2 in 24 months.
Please be aware that a new test package eliminates all training runs (used and also unused!) of your previous test package as well as your unused exam runs.
A new test package does not eliminate your certificate(s).



You can participate only if you can identify yourself to the test administrator with an agency-recognized document that includes your picture.

Therefore, bring either your passport or your national ID and let your test administrator check it. Depending on the test center's security policy bring a second piece of photo ID that you can leave at the reception in return for a visitor's pass. Usually, a driver's licence will also be accepted at the reception.

An exam takes approximately 3 hours. This includes two short breaks. Please eat and drink in those short breaks or do it after the exam. Also, do not rely on the test centre to provide food or water. We recommend to bring your own to be independent. However, you may not eat or drink inside the exam room! Your desk must be 100% cleared from any personal items.

The organisation that provided your test package has automatic access to your certificate. The testcenter DOES NOT have access! Neither does the airline that requested you to do the exam - unless of course they provided (sold or sponsored) your test package!

So, please, actively share your results with them. How? After the exam log into your myMOLLYMAWK account via our website, select the airline's identifier and click "share".

You can also download your certificate and send it as PDF attachment to organisations that are not on our list yet. But sending an attachment is always less preferable that sharing via our platform.



Test takers may repeat an exam with the following limitations:

1) Two exams must be minimum 7 days apart. AND

2) Maximum two exams may be taken within a 24-month period.

All certificates and accounts that violate these rules will be deleted immediately without any compensation. A new exam requires a new test package because a test package includes only one exam. Re-ordering a test package leads to the loss of access to training and exam runs of an earlier test package, consumed as well as un-consumed. An already acquired certificate is not affected by a re-order. It remains available in the test taker’s account for the duration of its 24-month validity. A second certificate will be added to the already existing one.

If you go for a second exam - just as in your first - nobody is forcing you to do all tests of the test battery. Technically it is perfectly possible to do only a single test of the test package, then close the exam and receive a certificate with a single test result. However, we strongly recommend to always do the whole test battery for various reasons:

1) Once a certificate is created the test package is irrevocably closed and consumed, even if you did not take all tests. If you find out later that you should have done all tests it is too late, and the retest policy even stops you for many months to do it again!

2) Even if an airline tells you that they are only interested in one or two specific tests, please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will pass that airline's overall assessment. You might have to apply somewhere else, and other airlines might reject incomplete certificates alltogether!

3) Prove to yourself and to your potential employer that you are able to produce good results in a complete exam session - not just in a shortened session.

4) If you have to purchase your test package, the price will not be lower if you decide not to use all parts of it. So, you might as well get everything that you paid for.

The price of a test package via our website remains constant, irrespective of the number of test packages that you have purchased before and irrespective of the extent that you plan to use your test package.

Once you have made sure that repeating the exam complies with our Retest Policy you need to get a fresh test package. Some companies sponsor new test packages for their candidates. Some companies sponsor only the first test package, not additional ones.

You can always purchase a new test package here.

Receiving a new test pacakge from a different organisation than the first one is perfectly possible. Just note that this leads your account to be moved to the new organisation's test taker pool with the consequence that your new certificate does not automatically go to your original organisation. In that case just actively share your new certificate with your original organisation. Sharing your certificate is easily done in your account.