Privacy Policy

In compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679) we would like to inform you about the kind of information that we collect from you, why we collect it, how we transmit it from your device to our server, how we store it, how long we store it and how you can initiate the elimination of that information from our database.

Use and storage of data when visiting our website without registering an account

When visiting our website, we temporarily store this access in a log file on our web server. The record is collected and stored. This process is necessary to ensure optimal use of our website and is done in an anonymous form.

If you do not register, we do not collect any personally identifiable information, except for the information that your browser submits to allow you to visit this website. These are the anonymized IP address, date and time of the request, time zone difference to the greenwich mean time (GMT), content of the request (concrete page), access status / HTTP status code, respectively transmitted data volume, website from which the request comes, browser, operating system and its interface, language and version of the browser software.

Furthermore, cookies are generally stored on your computer when you use the website. Please refer to the separate explanations below.



The provider of our website automatically collects and saves information in so-called server log files, which your browser automatically transmits.

These are:

  • browsing type and browsing version

  • operating system used

  • referrer URL

  • hostname of the accessing computer

  • time of the server request

This data cannot be attributed to any particular person and it is not merged with other data sources. We reserve the right to review this information at a later date, if we become aware of any concrete indications for unlawful use.



Personal Data

During the registration process we ask for your

  • First name (given name; forename, also middle names if applicable)

  • Last name (family name; surname)

  • Date of birth (Day, month and year)

All of the above parameters are required in order

  • to ensure a reliable identification in the test center. The goal is to guarantee that the person attending a test session is identical to the person named on the test certificate.

  • to ensure the enforcement of our retest policy .

We will print all parameters mentioned above on the test certificates - together with your test results. You may download and share your test certificates at your own discretion.

The following actors will see your personal data:

  • The company that invited you to set up your account

  • The company that provided a test package to your account

  • All companies that you actively authorize to see and download your certificate.

Other than that we do not send your test results nor above mentioned parameters to anybody unless forced by law to do so.


We ask for the details of your residence. In your own interest, please specify your current permanent address (not just a post office box or a hoax address). This information is required to make sure that your invoice includes your complete address. If you plan to declare your expenses for this test to your tax authority, most likely they will insist on not only finding your complete name on our invoice but also your address.

Please be advised that German tax laws require us to store your invoice for 10 years.

Telephone Number

We would like to learn your telephone number for organisational reasons. We have made the experience that sometimes correspondence via email is just not sufficient or not fast enough when it comes to the coordination of your test session. A test administrator might need to inform you about last-minute changes or details. It is in your own interest to be reachable not only via email but also via telephone.

Email address

We collect, store and use your email address as your login name. And, of course, you must specify a password for your login into your MOLLYMAWK user account in order to protect it from other persons’ entering it. We undertake all reasonable efforts to protect your information by applying encryption technology. Nevertheless, we recommend that you specify a unique password for MOLLYMAWK psychometrics and not use your password from other applications.

Additionally to log-in, we use your email address to inform you about the status of your account or to send a new password upon your request.

The organisation that provided or sold your test package and/or your exam slot might use your email address in order to keep in contact with you regarding details of your exam session.

We do not send newsletters. But we might use your email address for urgent or important technical or legal notifications.


We aim to cooperate with airlines, training organisations, aviation consultants and test service providers on a B2B basis. These organisations sell test packages in combination with exam slots at their own terms.

If necessary, test packages can be ordered by a test taker as a private customer from our website. The payment process for this purpose has been outsourced to Payhip. See their privacy policy here

During the order process we ask for your full name, date of birth and email address because at Payhip the customer (and recipient of the invoice) is not necessarily the intended recipient of the test package.

Payhip uses payment via Paypal and Stripe as payment providers, their privacy policies apply, too. Outsourcing the payment process to Payhip means that we also receive information from Paypal and Stripe. We do not collect, process or store any information related to credit cards or bank accounts. But, we have access to some of the information that Payhip, Paypal and Stripe record during your payment process: Name of customer, address, and IP address. This data, if available, is also transferred to us if your payment process was interrupted or aborted. We store this data for 10 years after your payment based on German tax laws.

Test and training results

We store the start date of each training and exam run. If a run is valid (in the sense of successfully completed technically speaking, not relating to the quality of your performance) we also store your answers, reaction times, and number of errors.

An organisation that has been provided a test package (sponsored or sold) has irrevocable access to the number of valid training runs that you have produced in each test. They can access this information until you receive a new package.

An organisation that has been provided a test package (sponsored or sold) has irrevocable access to the certificate resulting from that package.

Apart from providing you the opportunity to check, store and distribute your test results we will use them to create test norms and statistics, e.g. for scientific purposes. All of this is done in an anonymized fashion, so your identity is not being used for these kinds of analyses.

We provide feedback during the training runs. The scope of this feedback is intentionally limited to summarized raw scores, we do not provide norm-related information here.

We provide the results of your exam either as percentage of correctly solved test items (skills tests) or as a precentile (aptitude tests). Percentiles are norm-related information. We do not provide the corresponding raw scores.

Email correspondence

If you send us an email be aware that perfect protection of email exchange from being spied upon by third parties is not possible.

We store your emails for an indefinite time unless you request us to delete them. We cannot delete mail earlier than 10 years if they include financial aspects (German taxation laws). Usually this refers only to the invoice that you have received from us by email if you have purchased any tests.

Deletion of data

Test result validity expires after 24 months. If you have no valid test results in your account we will delete your account upon your request by mail to

If you have valid test results in your account we will delete your account not before their validity has expired. This is necessary in order to protect our Retest Policy

Deletion of your account does not lead to the elimination of your training or exam results. We will keep storing your test and training results for an indefinite time in order to analyse anonymized data. This is necessary in order to perform validity analyses and improve the psychometric quality of our tests.

Technical and organisational efforts that we undertake to protect your data

Your information is maintained on a secure web server in what we believe to be a well-protected environment.

We use SSL encryption to protect your data during online transmission to and from our server.

Only persons who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, those of our employees who support you in preparing for and doing the tests as company-sponsored candidates. Or our tax accountant) are granted access to personally identifiable information.

Links to other sites

Our website contains links to other websites not owned or controlled by us. Just as we disclaim responsibility for the content of those other websites we also disclaim responsibility for their ways to treat your privacy. Please check their privacy policy.