Operating a MOLLYMAWK psychometrics test center

Why become a test center?

An organisation might want to run a MOLLYMAWK psychometrics test center typically for one of the following two reasons:

a) They provide MOLLYMAWK test packages to their own candidates and want to help these candidates with an exam slot. Usually such an organisation will not offer or sell exam slots to other test takers besides their own candidates. Typical example: airline operator

b) They own a computer classroom with some free capacity. Selling exam slots can be the ideal way to generate additional revenue. Test centers may also re-sell MOLLYMAWK test packages in combination with their exam slots. This allows to earn a commission additionally to the exam slot fee. Typical examples: IT training provider, aviation-related consulting business, language school. Contact us if you are curious about this option!

We will visit you, inspect your facilities, set up your computers and train your administrator(s).

Hardware requirements

  • Screen size minimum 15 inch in diameter

  • Standard keyboard with designated numeric keypad

  • Standard mouse with scroll wheel, mouse pad

  • Headphones with integrated volume control

General and software requirements

  • Computer(s) must be well maintained, virus-protected and have a stable broad-band internet connection. 

  • Test sessions run on their own, password protected user account to make sure the browser settings will not be changed between test sessions. This account does not need administrator privileges, can be a local user account.

  • If interruptions in electrical power supply are probable then computers and screens must be protected against such events.

  • Preferably one computer as a back up in case of technical problems. The station serving as back up station should vary.

  • Updates must be scheduled for times outside test sessions, e.g. in the evening.

  • Scratch paper for skills tests must be provided in a controlled fashion: one piece of paper during the Maths & Science test (collected afterwards), and one piece of paper during the Aeronautics test (collected afterwards).

  • Room temperature must be adjustable to comfortable conditions; window(s) must have shades to exclude reflections on the screen if necessary; access to drinking water and bathrooms must be convenient. 

  • Structural and organisational measures must be taken to exclude the disturbance by sudden or permanent loud noise like conversations, telephone calls, loudspeaker announcements (except in cases of emergency), vacuum cleaners, construction sites, road traffic etc, even if the source of noise is not located in the exam room itself. 

  • Structural and organisational measures must be taken to exclude the disturbance by third party's conversations or discussions audible in the exam room, even if the source of distraction is not located in the exam room itself. 

  • During MOLLYMAWK exams admission to the room must be restricted to test-takers and test administrators to ensure minimum disturbance.

MOLLYMAWK Test Administrator

Trustworthy persons serve as MOLLYMAWK test administrators. No specific hardware or software skills are necessary for this position thanks to an easy to comprehend and intuitive backend and frontend and usually well-prepared test-takers. But basic computer skills and an eagerness to familiarize oneself with a new software are indispensable requirements.

A test administrator's duties are:

  • Log into the exam environment.

  • Verify each test taker's identity by comparing the entry in the MOLLYMAWK database with an official piece of identification (either passport, national ID, or driver's licence).

  • Ensure fair testing conditions, support test takers in case of technical problems and prevent attempts of fraud.