Want to order a MOLLYMAWK psychometrics test package? Check these terms.


A test package includes a limited number of training runs for each test and the digital environment for an exam. Since user behaviour and system characteristics (e.g. internet stability) are beyond our control we do not guarantee maximum utilization of training runs and we do not reset invalid runs.

A test package does not include an exam slot at a test center. We strongly advise to purchase a test package only if you are able to get an exam slot in a test center. Some airlines provide exam slots to their own candidates. Public test centers sell exam slots either as an isolated service or in combination with a test package. Attention, at the moment there are no public test centers yet!

A test package expires after 12 months, that means you must sit for the exam within 12 months after reception of the test package, otherwise you will lose the possibility to train and do the exam.


If you already hold a valid certificate (i.e. a certificate that is not older than 24 months) or even two, carefully check our retest policy as explained in our terms of service. Make sure to order a test package only if you understand the consequences of violating our retest policy!

Ask us if you are not 100% sure about your status with respect to our retest policy.

Additional test package before exam?

Unlike the number of certificates the number of test packages is not limited. New (additional) test packages will erase all, used and unused training and exam runs from the previous package. So, use everything you need before making a new purchase.

Refund policy

Generally, digital goods are not refundable! Nevertheless, we do a 100% refund if both of two of the following conditions apply:

  1. You have not yet utilized the test package. Utilization is defined as the start of a training or exam run.

  2. You send us a request for refund of your un-utilized test package not later than 14 days after delivery. Send your message to info@mollymawk.de.

How do I get my test package?

  • If you already have a test taker account, please specify precisely the details for this test taker account during the payment process. (There is a section for this test taker specific information integrated in the payment process). We will then assign this account with a new test package within two working days after your purchase.

  • If you do not yet have an account, please specify precisely your full name, date of birth and emailaddress. (There is a section for this test taker specific information integrated in the payment process). We will send an invite to create an account within two working days. Once you have created this account please expect again up to two working days for the approval of this new account. This is necessary to enforce our retest policy. The test package will be automatically provided with the approval. This means, it might take a total of up to four working days before you can actually start using your test package. We aim at shortening both waiting periods as much as possible.

SunExpress MPL or captain candidate?

If you are a candidate for the MPL programme of SunExpress or if you apply there as a captain, please do NOT purchase a test package here! SunExpress sponsors your FIRST test package. Please wait for their invitation.